Friday, February 12, 2010

New Puffle Conclusion!

Well, on Club Penguin they hold a Puffle Party every February. And they also release a new puffle too! Well, I was researching and found this,

I drew on the photo where I made my discovery. The next puffle color is going to be orange! Do you see the white A next to the orange R? Last year they released the White Puffle. And all the colors before the white A are colors that already came out. My conclusion is that the orange puffle will come from the wild durring the puffle party. Then next year, a Brown Puffle will come from the wild! The year after that, a Hot Pink Puffle! I really hope my conclusion is correct!
UPDATE: Orange Puffle sighted! It is in the Box Demention and Ski Lodge! Follow this link!

I'm really excited about the new puffle! I can't wait to get my hands on one of those Buck-teeth Orange Puffles!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sorry for not posting...

Sorry guys. I have been busy recovering from my surgery Feb. 2. There is a new store item called Midas Touch! It is 250 credits(or free if you have membership). And the creators posted this on the blog.

And there is a poll that is testing to see what website kids like more. Here is the link,

The poll is absolutly FREE. Well as you can see Poptropica is not on the poll... :( But Club Penguin is on it! Webkinz is in first *pukes*. Sorry all you Webkinz fans but, I don't like Webkinz. Anyways, See you later!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Poptropica down for mantenance AGAIN!!!???

Well, I logged on to Poptropica earlier and I couldn't believe my eyes,Poptropica is down for maintenance AGAIN??? Hopfuly they are working on RTV Early Access Passes! Oh, and I forgot to tell all of you that I finally got the membership. It is pretty cool! Anyways, I hope the maintenance doesn't last too long!

~vaati09 UPDATE: The maintenance was short....well, it might have been a glitch on my computer.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Reality Tv Trailer!

Hey guys, I just found this cool trailer for RTV!

Click this link to view the video. Sorry I couldn't upload it

I'll update as soon as possible!


Poptropica NEW Ad!

Hey guys, I just came back from surgery. I was able to find a new ad. Here it is,
And no I am not a girl! All photo credit goes to Neat Whale from the PHB. Well thats all! Oh, I almost forgot. The ages for the ad is 7-12. Ok, I'll try to keep you all updated!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Poptropica Memberships-NOW ONLINE!!!!!!!

Earlier today I checked the Poptropica Creators Blog and found this,

It was posted by Binary Bard. Otherwise known as Mordred from Astro-Knights. The Poptropica Memberships have been a very big hit!!! First off, the price monthly is 2.99!!!!! THATS UBEATABLE!! Anyways, I'm very excited to see what Poptropica has become. I'll update when I get more information.


Poptropica is back up!

Hello, I just want to start off saying that THE MEMERSHIPS ARE HERE!!! I've been waiting for so long! Thats not all! Reality Tv Island is advertized too! I have some Sneak PEEK photos for you all to see. Well, I also asked my mom for a membership and she said...*DRUM ROLL*...She will think about it. :( But I still have a chance! Anyways, hope you all are able to check out the Memberships! I will post again ASAP.